I keep getting errors and having trouble participating in the ICO

Token Market are our partners in the ICO. If you have any difficulties they are online to help you. Please contact support@tokenmarket.net

How do I get updates?

We will be constantly updating our Social Media Channels and from there, you will get to follow the progress of all the game. Besides that, you can also sign up for our newsletter via our website. If there are any other inquiry, feel free to write us an email info@reality-clash.com

Where are we based?

We are an international organization, with offices in Gibraltar, London and Copenhagen

Is there Escrow for the funds?

We are holding all the funds in separate accounts all through the period of the token sale. Our partner is Token Sale and our legal advisors are Ramparts Law Firm

Can I combine bonuses and discounts?

Absolutely! You will have access to the referral bonus, token sale bonus and rewards simultaneously

Is it possible to deposit into the token sale multiple times?

Absolutely! All the deposits you make will be tracked and displayed individually

What happens when the token sale over subscribes?

We will close the token sale immediately when all the available RCC are sold and we will distribute the holdings to all the successful subscribers

How can I trade RCC?

You can trade RCC Gold coins on the Reality Clash trading platform or secondary markets from November 2017

When will I receive my founder medal?

One month after the token sale closes

When can I buy exclusive content from the Armory?

November 2017

What can I do with my RCC?

Apart from getting free bonus of RCC you will get access to exclusive content including guns, armor and ammo. These weapons will be available to buy and trade from 1st November.
The fortunate few who are lucky enough to invest in the token sale will have weapons and armory that will never be available again.


Early access to demos, invite to join the ‘soft launch’ tournament and an exclusive medal, which will be seen on tournament leader boards, next to your name, proving your founder membership

When will I receive my RCC

ICO participants

ICO participants receive tokens marked under their account immediately upon investing. However there will be up to 2/3 week period after the token sale closes in which we will verify each purchase and calculate the final discount and bonus coins each investor will receive. RCC will then be released to the owners.

Pre Sale ICO participants

Pre Sale-ICO participants will have to claim their tokens after the ICO crowd sale finishes. Full information on how to do this will be available on our web site, Slack and Telegram channels at the end of the token sale.
However there will be up to 2/3 week period after the token sale closes in which we will verify each purchase and calculate the final discount and bonus coins each investor will receive. RCC will then be released to owners.

Is it possible to buy RCC using another currency during the token sale?

This is not possible. We are only accepting Ethereum (ETH)

How does the bounty / referral program work and how can I participate

Once you have registered an account with Reality Clash, we will give you a referral link. You can then share the links with your friends to invite them to buy RCC. The bounty info can be seen here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2028934.0

How can I obtain further discounts?

All bounty information can be seen here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2028934.0

Why Participate in the Reality Clash token sale

Reality Clash has the potential to be the biggest first person combat AR game in the world. The management team behind Reality Clash have been involved in games, tech, social platforms and advertising for over 25 years. The founders have been involved in start ups which have been worth $100m +. The developers of the game have developed best selling games for Activision, Disney, Microsoft and Sony amongst others.

Is there a minimum funding goal?

Yes, $1.5m. Any unallocated or unsold RCC Gold will be burned

What is the RCC Price

We will not fix the exact amount of ETH/USD until the crowdsale starts on 29th August. The RCC target price will be $0.30 at the ETH/USD price on 29th August. This is without the extra bonus tokens. 

Is there a minimum investment for the PreSale?

Yes. 50 ETHER

Is there a Pre Sale

Yes, starting from 1st August – 28th August, 50% (50,000,000) of the RCC Gold coins will be available to buy with a 50% bonus coins.

What happens if I miss the token sale

If you missed the Reality Clash token sale at the discounted price, you can only purchase RCC via public exchange platform (a free and open market platform where users can buy and sell RCC). Please take note that the prices of RCC on these public exchange platforms will be higher because this is not the discounted price that was offered during the token sale.

How many RCC during the Pre Sale and Token Sale will be released?

The RCC will be limited to 100,000,000 coins. 50% available in the Presale and 50% available in the ICO token sale

How can I buy RCC

You can purchase RCC Gold during the Pre Sale from 1st Aug – 28th Aug or the token sale starting on 29th August – 29 September 2017.

Is Reality Clash Free To Play?

Yes. The game will be free to download from the app stores.

You can buy additional in game purchases from our Armory store.

What is a Reality Clash Coin – Gold

A Reality Clash Coin Gold (RCC) is a Blockchain digital cryptocurrency which is decentralised and 100% transparent. The Clash Coin Gold can only be acquired during the token sale and comes with bonuses, rights to acquire exclusive in game content, early access to demos and medal which will be shown next to your name on leaderboards proving you were a founder member.

What is RCC

RCC is the Ticker name for Reality Clash Coin Gold

Why do Clash Coins Gold (RCC) have huge potential

Reality Clash is the worlds first Augmented Reality mobile combat game. The mobile AR market is estimated to be worth $120 billion by 2020.

During the token sale you can get free bonus coins as well as a discounted price of around $0.30 per RCC. When the game goes live these coins will be $1 each.

You will be able to sell these coins on the secondary market after the token sale plus you get access to exclusive weapons which can also be traded on the Reality Clash platform or the secondary market.