Investor info

The Token Sale is a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of the AR game and trading platform. During the Token Sale, we will offer our in-game currency, RCC Gold, for sale. Participants (backers) of the project can only buy RCC Gold with Ethereum Ether cryptocurreny.

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Participants in the Token Sale will receive free bonus coins at a discounted price and can purchase one-off weapons and ammo from the store from 1st November. In addition you will get early access to Reality Clash demos and exclusive founder medal. All unsold RCC will be burnt after the token sale with ‘Proof Of Burn’

Weapons can be used in the game or traded and sold on the Reality Clash platform or secondary market for money

Anyone who contributes towards the Token Sale of Reality Clash will receive RCC Gold relative to the contribution they make. All you need is a compatible Ethereum wallet to store the RCC. Click here for recommended wallets. After the token sale, the only way to obtain these RCC’s or exclusive weapons is by buying or trading them through our platform or secondary market.


Augmented Reality is a Reality!

Augmented Reality is forecast to hit $120 billion by 2020 (Digi Capital) – games are the biggest driver in AR

Addressable Market size – case study
Pokemon Go, first mass market mobile AR Game
Pokemon Go launched in July 2016
$4.9 million revenue in its first day
$500m revenue in 4 months
450 million downloads
Time daily spend on the app – 26 minutes
Average month revenue $200m
50 million downloads in 19 day