Pre Sale Instructions


Amount to send
50 ETH (minimum)
Gas Limit


This presale allows you to contribute early to the Reality Clash token sale before the public ICO opening date on 29th August 2017.

Help and questions

For any questions, or to have a support person walk you through this please contact

Presale terms

This presale is designed for parties with prior cryptocurrency experience.

  • Presale investors accept that the final terms of the actual sale are not yet available.
  • Funds are managed by the presale smart contract.
  • Funds can only be forwarded to the token sale or refunded.
  • If the token sale doesn’t happen or gets delayed the presale contract allows participants to claim automatic refunds after November 30 2017.
  • Minimum buy in is 50 ETH.
  • Total presale cap is 74746.243423219901160337 ETH.
  • Tokens need to be claimed from the presale contract after the token sale is over. See the claiming instructions at the end of this document.
  • All transactions are non-refundable if the token sale happens.

Participating in the presale

  • Do not send funds directly from your cryptocurrency exchange account or you will lose your tokens. You need to have a full Ethereum wallet, not a trading account.
  • If you do not have local Ethereum wallet software like Mist or Parity on your computer, you can use a free web wallet
  • These instructions show you how to participate to the pre-token sale using MyEtherWallet, but you can apply the instructions for any personal Ethereum wallet

Creating MyEtherWallet account

Go to

Generate a wallet with a passphrase and store the passphrase in your password manager.

Download the keyfile. Store it safely and keep it private. You use this file to sign in back in to your MyEtherWallet account. Do not lose or publically reveal this file or its password, as it will control access to your tokens. You can also use the same keyfile with other Ethereum wallets.

After downloading the keyfile you are given an option to print a paper backup (recommended).

Topping up your wallet

Sign in to your MyEtherWallet from the Send Ether & Tokens navigation link. You need to give your Keystore File and password.

Transfer ETH from your exchange account to the MyEtherWallet address. Ethereum transactions usually confirm under 2 minutes. If the ETH balance does not show up then hit the refresh in your web browser and sign in to your wallet again.

Making a contribution transaction for Reality Clash Gold Tokens (RCC)

After you have balance in your personal wallet, you can send a transaction to the pre-token sale smart contract with the following parameters. All transaction parameters are compulsory – if you leave out any of the parameters then the smart contract that holds pre-token sale funds will reject your transaction.

Amount to send
50 ETH (minimum)
Gas Limit

Note: In cases such as:

a) wrong gas limit and correct data input
b) correct gas limit and wrong data input
c) wrong gas limit and wrong data input

The amount of ETH will be automatically refunded to your own Ethereum wallet address.

Example of sending transaction below.

Confirming the transaction

After sending the transaction, MyEtherWallet will give you an link for your transaction tracking in a green pop up dialog box. Click the link. Check that you get a green mark. You can confirm on if your transaction is successfully deposited on the pre-token sale contract. Below is an example of a successful output.

Claiming tokens from the presale contract

After the token is made transferable the tokens can be claimed from the contract.

Note: You can do this only after the token sale is over. Tokens are not immediately transferable after the token sale is over. The team will announce when the tokens become transferable. This is expected to take 3-4 weeks after the token sale.