May 2017



1st Aug 2017

29th Aug 2017

ICO starts

Alpha Dev starts

Oct 2017

1st November

Online and trading platform open

MVP Release

Q2/Q3 2018

Token sale

Goal And Vision

Reality Clash will be the most comprehensive and advanced social augmented reality combat game in the market, backed by the Etherum Blockchain

The team behind Reality Clash have worked in games for decades and been involved in developing games for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PS VR, plus many hit titles from Activison, Disney, UbiSoft and Microsoft. A working playable demo has already been developed. Following the Token Sale the funding will be used to develop the game to an MVP (minimal viable product) and a soft launch in Q3 2018


Why Participate in the Token sale?

Participants in the Token Sale will be able to purchase RCC gold coins in exchange for Ethereum Ether.

Final Price – 1 Ether = 1123 Gold Coins

Start Time: Aug 29th 2017 17.00 UTC, 18.00 BST

End Time: Sept 29th 2017 17.00 UTC,18.00 BST

Click here to join the token sale

Participants will get free bonus coins, plus a massive discount on the price of the coin during the Token Sale. The RCC gold coin price will be discounted to roughly $0.30 per coin. This is a 70% discount based on the retail price of RCC Silver coins ($1 per coin) when the game launches in the iPhone and Google+ app stores

When the game launches RCC silver coins can be purchased through the iPhone and Android app stores for $1 per coin to buy in-game armory in our store. These RCC silver coins do not come with any bonus, discounts or exclusive weapons that are on offer during the Token Sale.

In Addition the RCC gold coins will…

Give you access to exclusive content including weapons, armor and ammo. These weapons will be available to buy and trade from 1st November 2017 on the Reality Clash platform and the secondary market.
The fortunate few who are lucky enough to participate in the Token Sale will have weapons and armory that can be used in the game and will never be available again. You will have access to buy armory that no one else will have – EVER!


In Addition the RCC gold coins will…

Give you early access to demos, invite to join the ‘soft launch’ tournament and an exclusive medal, which will be seen on tournament leader boards, next to your name, proving you’re a founder member.

ERC-20 Armory – Trade and Buy Weapons

Introducing the world’s first token sale armory. The armory is our on-line store  where you can buy all types of weapons and ammunition. The weapons available in the token sale will be limited edition, designed exclusively for the token sale and only available to the fortunate few who are lucky enough to participate in the token sale. You will have weapons and armory that no ones else will have – EVER!

Token Sale

The Token Sale starts on the 29th August.

50,000,000 RCC tokens will be available with the following free bonus tokens on a first come basis.
Once tier one sells out it moves to tier two and so on. No minimum investment.

Be quick as these tokens will sell out fast!

Tier one 20,000,000 RCC with 50% bonus coins
Tier two 15,000,000 RCC with 30% bonus coins
Tier three 10,000,000 RCC with 10% bonus coins
Tier four 5,000,000 RCC no bonus coins

Any unallocated or unsold RCC Gold will be burned

Game and trading platform Development – 70%
Marketing and promotions – 20%
Operations- 10%

How the funding will be allocated

Token Allocation

100,000,000 RCC Gold coins

40,500,000 Free Bonus coins

8,500,000 Management, Team & Advisors

1,000,000 Bounties

Management vesting period is also aligned to 12 months to coincide with the release of the game.


Augmented Reality is a Reality!

Augmented Reality is forecast to hit $120 billion by 2020 (Digi Capital) – games are the biggest driver in AR

Investor Info

The Token Sale is a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of the AR game and trading platform. During the Token Sale, we will offer our in-game currency, RCC Gold, for sale. Participants (backers) of the project can only buy RCC Gold with Ethereum Ether cryptocurreny.

See payment instructions

See full list of compatible wallets

Participants in the Token Sale will receive free bonus coins at a discounted price and can purchase one-off weapons and ammo from the store from 1st November. In addition you will get early access to Reality Clash demos and exclusive founder medal. All unsold RCC will be burnt after the token sale with ‘Proof Of Burn’

Weapons can be used in the game or traded and sold on the Reality Clash platform or secondary market for money

Anyone who contributes towards the Token Sale of Reality Clash will receive RCC Gold relative to the contribution they make. All you need is a compatible Ethereum wallet to store the RCC. Click here for recommended wallets. After the token sale, the only way to obtain these RCC’s or exclusive weapons is by buying or trading them through our platform or secondary market.


White Paper available here:

White Paper – English
White Paper – Chinese
White Paper – Russian
White Paper – Korean
White Paper – Japanese
White Paper – Spanish
White Paper – Arabic

Offical Korean Partner KR Token

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